Authentic Leadership

Vulnerability: Tips for Managing the Risks of Being an Authentic Leader

Reading Time: 7 minutes While vulnerability is essential for building authentic and meaningful relationships with your team, we need to prepare for its set of risks. Being vulnerable is not something that comes naturally in our society and it takes a lot of effort to overcome our conditioning.

Authentic Leadership

The Art of Saying “I’m Sorry”. Again

Reading Time: 5 minutes Last time we talked about the impact one “I’m sorry” can have on your individual relationships with your team members. Today we will discuss the effect an apology may have on the team culture you are trying to build.

Authentic Leadership

The Art of Saying “I’m Sorry” – The Beginning

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are many articles about the art of saying “no,” and you will probably see a post about it here soon too. But I wanted to focus on another phrase we often have trouble uttering – “I am sorry.” And since it turned out that I have had a heap of failures and reasons to apologize, I will dedicate three posts to the topic.