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The First 3 Things You Need To Do As A New Manager

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The flurry of expectations that we and others set for ourselves as managers, could confuse us and cause us to freeze. So let us try to simplify it a bit. In this video I would like to propose that there only three things you need to focus on when you get started as a new manager.

Get to know your team

Ask questions and make sure you understand what drives them. Talk about their responsibilities, their personal goals, aspirations and values. Find out how they feel in the team and what challenges they experience. Offer them your support.

Get to know the work

Dig into the processes, technology, metrics and expected results and the main players that your team interacts with. All this knowledge will help you with some of your subsequent tasks we will talk about in our next videos such as process improvement and removing obstacles for your team. But for starters, it will make you feel more confident in your new role.

Build relationships with your stakeholders

Your team interacts daily with clients, partners and other teams and as a manager, you will be the face of the team in all those interactions. Each of those stakeholders has their own interests and objectives in their work with your team which you need to understand. You also need to learn about your common projects in depth. To maintain the sense of consistency in the relationship also talk to them about the past mutual successes and the pain points in the collaboration.

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